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WP LinkedIn Multi-Users

The WP LinkedIn Multi-Users plugin is an extension to the WP-LinkedIn plugin that enables showing LinkedIn profiles, recommendations and network updates for any registered user.

By default, the behavior of the WP-LinkedIn plugin will be changed so that shortcodes and widgets show the data of the author of the post or page. If the plugin cannot decide whose data to show (e.g. on the home page or archive pages) you can configure it to either show nothing or a specific user’s data.

This plugin also provides the [li_user] shortcode that can be used to decorate any WP-LinkedIn shortcode and force the user. For example:

  • [li_user id="1"][li_profile][/li_user] will show the profile of the user with id 1.
  • [li_user name="admin"][li_profile][/li_user] will show the profile of the user whose username is admin.
  • [li_user email=""][li_profile][/li_user] will show the profile of the user whose email is
  • [li_token_button] displays a “Regenerate Token” button on any post or page when a user is connected. Optional attributes are button_label, before_error, after_error, before_success, after_success and redir. If redir is not provided the user will be redirected to the current page.

License purchase includes 1 year of product support and updates.

Image Credits: Jerry Luk