From Phuket airport to Patong, Karon, Kata

Going from Phuket airport to the most famous beaches in the island might be a painful experience if you arrive unprepared. The way transportation is dealt with on the island is peculiar at best (not to say a hold-up) and is often discussed in the island’s forums and newspapers. So I decided to put up this little resource to help newcomers avoid the traps and know what to expect after they landed.

I also added a small “how to deal with a Phuket taxi/tuktuk driver” at the end that can save you some trouble. Please, feel free to comment if you have any information to share or if you want to correct anything (especially if you are a local).

There are mainly 5 ways to go from Phuket airport to Patong, Karon or Kata, the 3 most popular destinations on the island:

My first advice is: if your hotel or resort is offering you free pick-up (or you can negotiate a free pick-up) then go for it, it will save you much hassle and money…

If you don’t have free pick-up then here are your options. I try to keep the indicated prices as accurate as I can and regularly update this post but I offer no guarantee that they are actually correct or that you will always be able to get those prices.


If you have special needs I just found today about that company, Phuket Access Travel, which specialises in accessible transports, accessible tours and accessible accommodation in Phuket and Phang Nga bay. I do not know them and never used their services but I thought they were worth mentioning. If you used them and have some feedback please leave a comment here.

Airport limousine

Despite the name those are not really limousines. They are normal cars, owned by private companies. There’s no meter and the price is fixed in advance (forget about negotiating). There are several companies and the farther you go after the customs, the less expensive they are. Go out of the terminal and ask for a taxi at one of the booths which manages limousines and mini-van.

  • The prices are ฿800 for Patong and ฿900 for Karon or Kata (paid in advance at the booth).
  • They will drop you directly in front of your hotel wherever it is.
  • Prepare a map of where your hotel is, in advance, because there is little chance that the driver will know exactly where it is unless it’s a big, well-known, resort.
  • If you are several people or can find fellow travelers going in the same direction then this might be the best option.
  • You might have to pay extra if you ask for several drops, if they don’t simply refuse to do it.
  • Takes from 30mn to 1h depending on traffic.

Metered taxi

When you go out of the terminal the metered taxis are located on the right, just walk (ignoring the limousine drivers) and you will end up at their booth. They are supposed to use meters and allegedly are cheaper than limousines but last time I checked (last week) they were the same prices. So either the meters are rigged or they simply don’t use them.

  • The prices are ฿800 for Patong and ฿900 for Karon or Kata (including ฿100 of airport taxes that will be collected at the booth, the rest is paid to the driver upon arrival).
  • They will drop you directly in front of your hotel wherever it is.
  • Prepare a map of where your hotel is, in advance, because there is little chance that the driver will know exactly where it is unless it’s a big, well-known, resort.
  • If you are several people this might the other best option. However, last time, they simply refused to do several drops so my plan to find another traveler to share the taxi just failed.
  • Takes from 30mn to 1h depending on traffic.

From Mr Deen in the comments, some drivers will try to coerce you into buying overpriced tours with companies they have arrangements with. If this happens just stand your ground and don’t leave the car until you are at your hotel. You might also want to take pictures of his cab license, himself and his car plates, just in case.

Mr Deen also notes that prices will be higher at night time and that you can pre-book a ride using that website: Phuket Connect Transfers

Never go with a driver who looks like he is under influence (alcohol or whatever) and if you are a single woman then try to find a co-ride or use a mini-van.

I used a metered taxi last time, in September, to go to Patong, Nanai road. The price was ฿750 (฿100 airport tax, ฿650 on the counter).


Note: Uber is not available on the island anymore. It looks like the service didn’t last very long due to a lack of interest from the drivers.

UBER officially started on the island last month (Oct. 2014). If you don’t know UBER, it’s a taxi service that enables you to book a taxi using a mobile application (just don’t forget to download the app and create un account before you arrive at the airport).

I checked a few rides and the price seems to be about the same as the taxi drivers you can find on the island. However, they have a flat rate of ฿950 when you ride from or to the airport from anywhere on the island. It’s not interesting if you go to Patong but definitely worth considering it if you go to Rawai or Cape Panwa.

Also, they often offer promotions (e.g. all rides were 50% off the first 10 days after the official launch) and you can use coupon codes to get better prices.

If you don’t have an account yet, use that link to create one and you will get ฿200 off your first ride. You can also use that promotion code: CKZK7

Get Uber on the Apple AppStore or Google Play.


Note: GrabTaxi is barely functional here

Not sure how it’s going to operate at the airport but the Phuket governor announced yesterday (2015-07-06) that GrabTaxi is coming to the island which is overall a good news since it can be hard sometimes to get a taxi if you are not in a popular area. If you don’t know GrabTaxi yet, it’s a taxi hailing mobile application, much like Uber, except they are partnering with existing taxi drivers and companies.

They don’t say if it will include the GrabBike option, which allows you to order a motorbike-taxi, nor do they say how the local taxi will react when another taxi come to pick you up on their turf.

If you don’t have an account yet, use that link to create one and you will get ฿50 off your first ride. You can also use that promotion code: C5DC8A

Get GrabTaxi on the Apple AppStore or Google Play.


Go out of the terminal and the mini-van booths are located at the exits (same booths than for the limousines). I am a solo traveler and when I have time and I am not too tired this is my favorite option. I also think this is actually the cheapest option.

  • The prices are ฿180 for Patong and ฿200 for Karon or Kata (per passenger, paid in advance at the booth).
  • They will drop you directly in front of your hotel only if it is downtown – typically, people going to Tritrang Beach will be dropped in the middle of Patong and left with the option to take a tuktuk, which will add ฿300 to ฿600 to the bill. You should confirm with your hotel that the vans are going there because otherwise you might be better off taking a limousine.
  • You will have to wait at the airport that the mini-van is full (can take up to 1h in the worst case scenario).
  • The van will stop at the company’s office. Don’t be surprised or act up, this is normal and serves two purposes: devising the route for the driver and giving them a chance to sell you a tour package or a hotel if you don’t have one already. Both are legitimate but I won’t recommend you take any tour there as they will probably be more expensive than anywhere else.
  • The van will make multiple stops, so it will add up to the travel time.
  • Takes from 1h to 3 hours (typically 2h) depending on a lot of factors, including traffic.

Don’t wait too long after you landed to get a mini-van, once they are full they leave and you will have to wait until the next flight. Which can take up to 1h30.

Public bus

The public bus is a new service, the stop is inside the airport, just on your left when you exit the terminal. As of this writing, it doesn’t go to Karon nor Kata and is only available between 10am and sunset. For updated information you can refer to the bus company’s website but I wouldn’t trust it too much…

  • The price is ฿120 per passenger for Patong (paid inside the bus).
  • They will drop you in the middle of Patong, in front of the Jungceylon shopping center. If your hotel is not in walking distance you will have to hire a tuktuk, which is going to cost you between ฿300 to ฿600.
  • If you have to take a tuktuk, prepare a map of where your hotel is, in advance, because there is little chance that the driver will know exactly where it is unless it’s a big, well-known, resort.
  • I don’t know how long it takes but I estimate 1h to 3h depending on traffic and how long you will have to wait at the bus stop.

The Phuket Gazette reports that the bus service has been restored in full and that signs are being installed inside and outside of the terminal to indicate where the stop is located.

Getting wifi at Phuket airport

The easiest way to connect to a wifi at Phuket Airport is to use the Burger King’s wifi, there is one on the far left of the terminal, before the international departures lounge. The password is “haveityourway”. Useful if you want to use Uber or GrabTaxi and you do not have 3G.

A few advices about Phuket taxi and tuktuk drivers

First a few things to know about the drivers here:

  • They have some kind of a monopoly on the area they operate. Prices are so high because a driver cannot take passengers back from where you go and has to come back empty.
  • They don’t really need your business. There are enough tourists on the island so that they don’t have to ponder with you too much.
  • They are mostly undereducated thugs. Stories of tourists being beaten up over a few hundred baht abound.

The Phuket Gazette published a Special Report: Anatomy of a Phuket taxi driver which is an interesting read albeit mostly talking about legal taxi drivers.

So, considering all that, a few advices:

  • Always negotiate the price in advance. If you disagree with the price after you arrived you can always try to negotiate but you have almost no chance.
  • Always keep your cool and never raise your voice. Never be threatening.
  • Remember that, even if you are a tall body builder versed in the art of kung fu, you don’t stand a chance against 15 Thais with batons, knives and beer bottles.
  • If the guy doesn’t want to go down the price you offer then let it go or find another one. However, it’s unlikely any of them will accept to lower their colleague’s price.
  • Always keep in mind that the ฿300 you are arguing over are about $10 and are not worth a cracked skull.

Just in case, you might want to put the phone number of the Tourist Police in your contacts, it’s 1155. There’s also a smartphone app, for iOS and Android, called “Tourist Buddy” (Apple AppStore, Google Play).

I hope this will help you have a good start in Phuket island because it’s really worth it and most people are just adorable. And again, feel free to comment if you have any information to share or if you want to correct anything.

Edits log

I regularly update this post with new information. Following is the list of edits I made since I published it in August 2013.

  • [2013-08-10] Phuket Gazette reports bus service restored
  • [2013-08-11] Linked article from Phuket Gazette about taxi drivers
  • [2013-10-23] Added the location of the bus stop at the terminal and a warning about waiting too long to take a mini-van
  • [2013-12-17] Added tourist police phone number and info from Mr Deen in the comments
  • [2014-11-27] Added info about Uber and price for metered taxi to Patong
  • [2015-05-03] Added accessibility chapter
  • [2015-07-07] Added info about GrabTaxi
  • [2015-11-01] Added info about wifi at the airport
  • [2016-01-16] Added promo link for GrabTaxi
  • [2017-02-27] Updated sections about Uber and Grab

91 thoughts on “From Phuket airport to Patong, Karon, Kata

  1. deen

    Most drivers from the airport might ask you if you have booked side trips in advance and might stop at overpriced tour in the midway. Even if you say no, some of them even stop for urinal disappear for 5 min, which will be located close to tours booking spot.

    The taxi price at night will be higher than day time but if you pre-book you will get normal price. Here is their link of Phuket airport for taxi and minivans

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      Thanks for the additional info Mr Deen, and the link. I agree some drivers might try to coerce you into buying tours (and, from time to time, we get news reports of worse things happening) but I wouldn’t say “most” drivers do it. It never happened to me in 2.5 years. Even with a bus company, they always stop to arrange the itinerary for the driver but they never bullied me to buy tours with them either.

  2. Luna

    Hi I’m traveling alone in kata to surf but I haven’t book any place yet , is there any cheap accommodation hostel around the beach ? Thanks

  3. Marek

    Thanks for the info. I’ve just returned from Phuket. The meter taxi doesn’t use meter, we had to pay the whole amount upfront at the booth. It was 600THB from the airport to Laguna. Good idea might be to arrange with a driver for your return trip, we did and got it at the same price. Nobody tried to coerce us to buy anything or book any tours in the taxi. Cheers!

  4. lilyana

    hi, im planning to visit phuket soon and try snorkeling in phiphi. is there any recommendation for trusted tour? thanks

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      Hi Lilyana,

      Not really any recommendation, there are literally hundreds of tour operators who can take you to Phiphi and the level of service is rather equivalent. Quality mainly depends on what option you will choose, normal or VIP. To book, you should use the travel agent that your hotel will recommend you or find one in the street. If you take a mini-van or taxi from the airport and they stop you at an agency, do not book with them.

      Have a nice trip :)

  5. polish

    Hi Claude – Do you know if the mini-vans from the airport to Patong run at night? Say, 11 pm – midnight?

  6. tim

    Hi There Claude..Is there any transport at all around midnight from the airport? Cheers

      1. tim

        Thanks Claude. Very good of you to answer. Just the word ‘taxis’ sends shivers down the spine of my wallet :-)

        1. Claude Vedovini Post author

          Try the metered taxi, they are under pressure by the airport now to use their meter. You can threaten them with calling the airport if they don’t want to use it. Usually a better price than the limousine.

  7. JM

    Hey Claude, I will be in Phuket on the 19th. Do you know how to get back to Phuket Airport from Patong Beach. Do you know where I am going to take the van, bus, etc? And for how much? What did you take when you got back in the airport the last time you were there?

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      Hi JM,

      Prices are the same wether you go to or from Patong. You can order a mini-van or a taxi in any travel agency in the streets (there are hundreds of those) or catch the public bus at the same place it dropped you off, close to Jungceylon.

      However, you cannot get a metered taxi (they operate only from the airport) an you must not take one of the tuk-tuks (way too expensive)

      Have fun :)

  8. nicolas

    Hi Claude, im going with my girlfriend on the 25 July, we are both 26. the flight arrives phuket at 11:50 pm at night. Do you have any recommendation for us? I read that at that time only taxis are working.. Thank you

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      Hi, yes, there will be only taxis at this time. Try to get one of the metered taxis tho, should be cheaper. Turn right when you get out of the terminal and walk a bit, leaving the limousine booths behind. You should easily find their booth. If they give you a price upfront tell them to use the meter, if they don’t want then walk away to the limo (either they will run after you or you’ll get a better car). There’s a 100 baths fee to pay at the both, don’t pay anything until you agreed on the meter.

  9. Chris

    What is best way to travel is personal, but when i arrive, i would not mind to travel a bit longer to Patong. But when head to airport, i want to do it quickly. How about shared van back? Will they stop several times to pickup passengers? Or would you recommend to use the public busses? I will go in october to Patong as solo traveller.

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      Yes, the Mini-vans from Patong to the airport will go around to pick-up passengers at their hotels. The fastest way is to take a limousine taxi but that will cost you from 800 to 1000 bath.

  10. Chris

    Also i want to recommend travellers, if you want pay anything by creditcard, make sure you pay it in Thai Baht and not in Euro’s or Dollars etc. you will pay too much, also for tickets. And exchange money in Thailand at the airport or at the many currency exchange boots in Thailand. This is far more cheaper. Or withdrawl money at a local atm machine.

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      Agreed, the best is to withdraw from an ATM and pay everything by cash. ATM will charge between 150 and 180 bath each transaction so take as much as you can, most ATM allow only for a maximum amount of 20’000 bath but some allow up to 30’000.

  11. Magda

    Hi, we have just arrived to Katathani Beach Resort (Kata Noi). We took minivan from the airport, cost to Kata/Karon 200 bath per person. At the airport counter of minivans we asked about price to our hotel and they confirmed it is 200 as for Kata. On the way to hotel minivan stoped at the travel agency, they wanted to sell us a trip (some other passamgers bought something). They also took our “blue confirmation” paper (received at the airport when paying for the minivan). And they said that we have to pay additionally 100 bath due to the fact that our hotel is at the end of Kata. I refused to pay this additional amount as it was strange for me. I told them that i showed the hotel name when buying a ticket and there was no additional cost. The situation was not nice but the end was ok, i did not pay extra, the driver droped us just in fron of hotel doors.

  12. Chantal

    Hi, I am wondering if I should book a minivan before arriving in Phuket or if I it’s better to do it at the desk of the airport (we arrive at 6:50am)? I went through some websites who propose minivan (10 people) for Karon at door’s hotel for 1’300 bath for two persons whereas it seems possible to have the same ride for about 200 bath per person ! Thanks.

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      Hi Chantal,
      You really don’t need to book a mini-van and 1’300 Baht for two is just scamming anyway.
      However, at 6:50am, there’s a good chance that you will only find taxis at the airport, I don’t think you can find a mini-van that early. But you can wait at the airport until they start their service.

  13. Danielle

    Hi Claude, I will be arriving in Phuket at about 720 pm, will there still be mini vans around?

  14. Chanelle

    Hi Claude

    I am a 26 year old female traveling alone, but not too sure what the safest option would be to take, as i have heard many stories of the public transport.

    I will be arriving at Phuket airport at 18:00pm and heading to Patong Beach.

    Which option would you suggest I take? Mini Van / Metered taxi / Limo / Bus, etc.
    Obviously I would want a reasonable price, nothing too pricey :) But then again, I would rather be safe as I will be on my own.

    Thank you for your help Claude :)


    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      Hi Chanelle,

      Considering the safety/price criteria, the best is that you take a mini-van, second best will be a limousine.

      But overall Thailand and Phuket are really safe.

      Welcome to Phuket, have fun :)

      1. Chanelle

        Perfect, thank you so much. :) :)
        Would I be able to get a mini van when I arrive at that hour? 18:00pm… Or would I need to book in advance? Same goes for the limousine?

        And you recommend I avoid the metered taxis?

        1. Claude Vedovini Post author

          No need to book in advance, just ask the desks that are just outside of the terminal.

          I don’t recommend you avoid metered taxi but price will be the same as limo and when problem arise (very rare) they happen with metered taxi or illegal taxi (legal taxis have green plates)

  15. Izlan

    Hi claude

    I’m going to land on phuket this 1st march at around 8pm? what transport would u suggest?
    or is it better if i take the service offered by my hotel?

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      At that time there shouldn’t be any mini-van anymore, so you’re left with a taxi. Unless your hotel provides free pick-up their limousine service will be more expensive than the one you’ll find at the airport.
      I can also organise it for you actually, it’s usually cheaper. Drop me a message with the details on the contact page and I will let you know the price I can get you.

      1. Clay

        Hi Claude,

        I am 21yo female travelling alone to Phuket, and will only land after 9pm. How much will it cost to take the limousine to Patong Beach, with your help?

  16. aninda

    hi i am a female and will be solo traveller to phuket next week. i have no problem with transportation from airport to phuket since my flight will landed there at 1.00 pm. but the problem is i will have flight back from phuket take off at 8 am. what would be the best and cheaper transportation i can take to reach the airport from patong area? would be minivan available around 6 am to pick you from your hotel to airport? thank you and waiting for your reply

  17. Deepak

    Hi Claude,

    We are couple and will reach to Phuket airport on 24th May at 10:05AM through Air Asia flight (from bangkok).

    We have already booked the ‘Two Chefs Inn’ in Kata beach.

    Please suggest the best option and price for us .

    Thanks in advance.

  18. Ryan

    Hi Claude,

    Me and my friend will be reaching Phuket at 8pm.
    What transport should you recommend?

  19. su

    Hi Claude. Very helpful post. We arrive at 9 pm toda . Its 4 of us. Is mini van better or taxi? Also how much price shall we expect for taxi ?

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      Hi Su, with 4 people you will need a mini-van or a big SUV, a normal taxi won’t take 4 with luggage and you will have to take 2. But mini-vans are not running anymore at that time. The best is that you quickly send me your flight details and your destination using the contact page and I will send you back a quote for a SUV.

      1. Su

        Actually we are only carrying small back packs kinda bags. So no big luggage. Still, the plan is to arrive at 9 pm from Air asia From Bangkok and go to Bel Aire resort, Patong

  20. Craig

    Hi Claude,

    Thanks for an informative thread. Where are the Mini Vans situated at the airport please?


  21. Corrine

    Hi, i will be going to Phuket in Aug with my family. 3 adults + 2 kids (both below 6). Do you recommend us to get a metered taxi or book a limousine in advanced? Saw some reviews recommend the tourist to take limousine or minivan if the passengers are more than 2.

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      It doesn’t hurt to ask but a taxi or limousine driver will probably refuse to take 5 people and you will have to hire two cars, so you are probably better off using a min-van, you will stay together and should pay less (5×200 vs 2×800 if you go to Patong)

  22. Md Ziaul Hoque Bhuiyan

    Hi Claude,

    We are couple and will reach to Phuket airport on 31st July at 11:30 PM through Bangkok Air flight (from bangkok).

    What are the options to reach patong hotel. Can minivan available that time?

    Thanks in advance.


  23. Manzil

    Hi Claude!

    Extremely helpful info this. Thank you very much!
    We’re a group of 7 adult budget travelers, arriving in HKT from BKK on 20th July @ 9.55pm (with only small handbags).
    Understand from above that minivan is perhaps the best option for us if we are to go to Patong (Phung Muang Sai Kor Rd).
    How much do you think it might cost us 1 way?

    Cheers mate!

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      The price is 180 Baht per person but I am not sure they still operate at 10pm. I can send you one that will take 1200 Baht in total. If you’re interested please use the contact form to confirm and send me the details of your arrival.

      1. Manzil

        Hi Claude!

        A friend of mine suggested: – who charge THB1000 from Phuket airport to Patong Beach area.

        Do you know them?
        Are they reliable?


          1. Claude Vedovini Post author

            I don’t know them but it’s probably something like a Toyota Innova and not a mini-van (we’re talking 13 pax here) so 7 plus luggage may be a bit tight. I recommend you confirm with them the type of car :)

  24. Nikhil

    Hi Claude
    I read all threads and your recommendations, Really worth suggestions.
    I’m travelling with my family having my 3 yrs old son next week and will stay in Karon. I checked Airport bus which doesn’t say clearly whether airport bus will go to Karon or not.

    Will you please advise whether mini van is or Airport bus from price point of view.

    Also I searched lot about Tuk-tuk fare .
    For example If I want to travel from Karon to Patong ( for Indian restaurants) how much I need to pay to Tuk-tuk, Is it per person or lumsum trip fare?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      The airport bus doesn’t go to Karon, it stops in Patong, so you’re best option price-wise will be the mini-van.
      About the tuk-tuk from Karon to Patong (and back) they usually charge 400 Baht for a party up to 4 people, 500 Baht for more people.

      1. Nikhil

        Thanks very much Claude,
        So it means Tuk-tuk won’t charge per person and the lumsum charge approx 400 Baht round trip is not bad option.
        Thanks again.

        I checked with my hotel about shuttle bus, they informed me shuttle bus will charge 100 for 1 adult and half for child one way from Karon to Patong. This will be also good alternative.

  25. calvin

    Hi Claude, would you please advise if the airport express bus still run from airport to patong? Thank you.

  26. Laura

    Hi Claude, i saw from your previous answer that you aren’t sure what time the mini bus stop running.

    We will be arriving at 8.20pm so probably out of the airport by 9pm, any chance to catch a mini bus at that time ? Is it risky ?

    Thanks a lot !

      1. Laura

        Hopefully there will still be some. Save a lot of money. Thanks very much for the reply !

  27. Steve

    Hi Claude.
    As things change very quickly in Thailand, I am wondering if the public bus is still running from the airport to Jungceylon? Their website is gone and I am arriving on the weekend.
    If so, would you know where the airport bus stop is?

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      I didn’t hear anything about the bus service to Patong being canceled, but like you said, it can be hard to tell.
      Normally the bus stop is on the left side when you get out of the terminal, you need to walk a bit.
      Would be nice if you could comment back here to confirm if it’s still running or not :)

  28. Froilan Mulig

    HI Claude

    My wife and I are coming to Phuket next month and will stay at Kata. We will arrive in Phuket Airport at around 10 pm. From what i have read in the comments above, the only available transportation at that time of the day are taxis and limousine. What are the rates now? I am assuming that it has increased.

    Our return flight is also late at late at around midnight. What can you suggest for our transportation from our hotel in Kata to the Airport?

    thanks and regards,

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      I try to keep the prices up-to-date so, as indicated, the price for a “limousine” is ฿900 (about the same with a metered taxi) and that’s unfortunately all you will find after 10pm

      For your return I suggest you either ask your hotel receptionist (might be more expensive), ask a walk-in travel agency (plenty of those in the streets) or find a taxi by yourself (they have ranks in the street, you’ll just need to find one).

      Do any of that one day to a few hours before you leave, not at the last moment.


  29. Kristen

    Hi Claude-

    Will be arriving in Thailand this April at 2:15 am, Return flight to go home leaving at 3 am. We need to head to Patong Beach after we initially land….. Would it be a smarter option to book a private shuttle online ahead of time instead of dealing with the taxis? (I’m assuming because it will be so late that they will take more advantage of us being tired and not wanting to haggle) Thank you!

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      There’s no haggling at the airport, if you take a limousine at 2am it will be 800-900 Baht to Patong. You can look online for a better price but it will be probably the same people.

  30. Pratik

    Hi Claude-

    We need to go back to Phuket Airport from Karon at around 5 o clock in the morning. What is the availability of means of transport???

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      at that time your best bet is to find a taxi driver the day before and ask him to pick you up. You can ask your hotel’s reception but there will probably be a surcharge.

  31. dean

    hello claude..
    i have a question about the airport taxi fee.
    is it a fee that is paid both out of the airport and back in by the taxi?

    1. Claude Vedovini Post author

      Hi Dean,

      No, there is no airport fee when you come back. The fee is only paid when you take a metered taxi at the airport.
      And since there are no metered taxi on the island except at the airport and they can only take passengers there, you will have to take a mini-van or a non-metered taxi to go back.

  32. Tony

    hello Mr Claude,

    i will arrived at Phuket airport 9.05pm and maybe will out from terminal about 9.30pm.
    is it minivans to patong still available that time? and what is the last call for minivans service?

    or kindly suggest the best way to patong. please. thanks mate.

  33. kunchattu

    I need to travel from Patong to Phuket airpot at 7AM. Can you tell me, what time min bus service start at morning from Patong to airpot ?

    1. Pratik

      Ask your hotel owner or at the hotel reception. In my case, we told our hotel receptionist to book a taxi for us at 4 A.M. and had paid the amount in advance. Well, the taxi arrived on time and we reached airport by 4:45 A.M.


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