10 reasons why I love FreshBooks (and it saved my life)

Here are ten reasons why I love FreshBooks, the cloud accounting application and why you should love it too (it did not actually save my life but it does save me a lot of time).

  1. I can track the time I spend on projects (I use the MacOS widget and the iPhone app)
  2. I can simply create estimates and invoices (based on fixed prices, time spent and client expenses)
  3. It can automatically send late payment reminders, payment notification (thank you note) and a bunch of other automatic emails
  4. It can even sent snail mails for you if your clients bully you enough
  5. It can automatically invoice time-based projects
  6. I can manage all my expenses and put them into neatly organized categories that I can use later for my taxes
  7. I can create reports that I then use to easily file my VAT and income tax or regularly look whether I do well or not (if you haven’t work for 3 weeks, seeing that you outperformed in the months before is a relieving sight)
  8. It has an iPhone app (where I can do almost anything) and a MacOS widget (to track time)
  9. It gives my clients access to their history and to the time tracking on their projects
  10. And they sent me a jar of bug-shaped candies that time when I found a bug

If this was enough to convince you that you should at least give FreshBooks a try (it’s free for 30 days) thank you for using this link and I will get a small commission ;)

This post is part of the second “Back to Blogging” challenge initiated by Stephanie Booth.

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