I <3 Tokyo

I don’t know what’s about Asian metropoles that I like so much (long legged girls in mini-skirts might be the answer) but be it Beijing, Bangkok or Tokyo, I love those places.

I walk there, I am completely disoriented, surrounded by script I cannot read and a swarming crowd of people I cannot relate to and yet everything feels right.

The traditional image of Tokyo I had was that of movies like “Black Rain” or “Lost in translation” and to a certain extend “Blade Runner”. High rise buildings, large, crowded streets, neon lights. In some places this is exactly what you get, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, but most of the rest feels like a village. There’s an ambiance here, a soul that you don’t have in residential areas of European cities which have been deserted by businesses and became dormitories.

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