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Sidewiki RSS

Sidewiki RSSLast week Google announced Google Sidewiki, a new service that enables anyone to comment on any page.

There has been a lot of comments already about Sidewiki but the thing that instantly stroke me is the fact that there’s no easy way to keep up with what others are saying about your own pages. So I took a look at the Sidewiki API and built the Sidewiki RSS service.

This free service (hope you won’t mind the Google Ads) enables webmasters to get the URL to the recent Sidewiki entries for their pages. There’s even a bookmarklet that you can drop in your browser’s toolbar and use to get the feed of the page you are browsing.

Hope you will like it ;)

Interview with Sean Healy about the DITA-OP

Some time ago I have been contacted by Sean Healy, owner of Wild Bassin Media and editor at the DITA & XML Community of the Rockies, to do an interview about my DITA Open Platform project. Three weeks ago we finally made it and the podcast is now online.

It was my first time but Sean has been very nice to me. In the first part we talk about the history and the future of the DITA-OP and DITA and there will be a second podcast discussing cloud computing and social networks (other things I am currently working on).

Hope you will find it interresting :)

Image Credits: Seven Morris is on Facebook

As you might have noticed already, Facebook as been on since last December. To this purpose I have been using the Sociable! fbConnect plugin for WordPress that enables visitors to login using their Facebook credentials and later comment using their Facebook identity and feature those comments on their Facebook stream.

However, I wanted a deeper integration between this blog and my Facebook profile. Here is what I have done.

In the process of installing the fbConnect plugin you have to create a Facebook application and, among other things, Facebook applications feature a canvas page and an application tab. The canvas page is the main application page, the tab can be added to any user’s or page’s profiles.

To setup the canvas page you specify an URL that will either serve FBML (Facebook markup) or pure HTML. In the latter case the page is displayed in an IFRAME.

Initially, I used the IFRAME version to display the home page but I found awkward to have my blog design mixed with the Facebook design. Additionally this technique cannot be used for tabs, that only support FBML.

Finally, I crafted special pages on this blog that serves only FBML with a special Facebook styling extracted from Foxinni’s Facebook WordPress Theme. The resulting canvas page can bee seen here and the corresponding profile tab is now featured on my own Facebook profile, here (you may not be able to see this one because of Facebook privacy control so I inserted a screenshot below).

If this is getting enough interest I might package it as a WordPress plugin. Leave a comment if you are interested or if you have additional ideas.

UPDATE (2010-03-13): This is now a WordPress plugin, see my plugins page.

DITA Open Platform

I am pleased to announce the first milestone of the DITA Open Platform version 1.0.0

This milestone is a test release in order to see if there is interest in the DITA community for what the DITA Open Platform project plans to offer. It is also a mean to collect suggestions and ideas from the community.

The goal of this project is to provide the DITA community with a free and easy-to-deploy DITA oriented production platform. It is targeted at small companies or teams that do not need a complete CMS solution.

This the first open-source project I launch and I hope the DITA community members will find interest in the initiative.