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Print me up Scotty!

3D printing just got to a new level with the worlds smallest 3D printed objects (go read this and watch the video, I’ll be waiting here).

3D printing is a subject I have been discussing often with friends and I even mentioned it in a previous post, here (in French), about IP and piracy. This is a revolution I cannot wait to see because this is gonna be huge on so many levels!

And the music/movie download issues will be nothing compared to the IP mayhem this is gonna bring, just imagine when anyone will be able to print a Panton chair or a Starck lemon squeezer.

And just think about what will be possible with copyleft designs, we might even have a Justin Bieber of design (tho I am not really looking forward for this one)!

And we will be able to download items we buy from Amazon.

This is the beginning of teleportation too! As soon as someone develop a good enough scanner (can TSA’s full body scanners be of any use here? or this may be?) we will be able to scan and send items through the Internet to our friends’ 3D printers.

This is gonna be so awesome! And just imagine when we will be able to print biological structures :D

Image Credits: Vienna University of Technology