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Oblivion: Close but no cigar

Yesterday I went to see “Oblivion”, the last Tom Cruise movie [imdb], this is what I though about it.

“Oblivion”, the last movie featuring Tom Cruise, directed by Joseph Kosinski who also directed “Tron Legacy” in 2012 (not a good reference if you ask me), is a SciFi movie about a team of two humans technicians on a planet Earth that was ravaged by war after an alien invasion. “We won the war but we lost the planet” as they say.

The rest of humanity has emigrated on Jupiter’s moon, Titan, and Jack and Victoria are assigned to the maintenance of drones protecting energy rigs that convert sea water into energy cells. Rigs and drones are regularly attacked by the “scavs”, remnants of the alien army that invaded Earth. Jack is going to discover that there is more to that than what he has been told… Continue reading