Bootstraping communication

Last Saturday I was chatting with my colleague David about communication issues inside the enterprise. As architects, some of our objectives are to coach the development teams, publicize the architecture and the frameworks and promote new technologies. We were wondering how we could improve the communication and especially make it more fluid.

Yesterday, inspired by Twitter, I setup a Skype public chat group for the company I currently work for. This morning I sent a mail to almost everyone and started to disseminate information about the group in the corporate wiki.

And almost nothing happened, only a few people showed up and no communication occurred. I am sure this a good idea, but I think something as to actually happen to demonstrate its usefulness, may be we need to bootstrap the flow by starting to push information instead of waiting for questions to come.

Yeah, exactly like micro-blogging on Twitter :)

Image Credits: CenTerO / JaguariTech

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