8 thoughts on “Google, please, NO!

  1. Claude

    Well, if you think I am lazy you should be talking with my project manager, the test team and the support team…

  2. Ibrahim Al-Rajhi

    It will apparently be more developer friendly. I think google will pull through and make it stick to the standards, it would improve things if some IE users switched to it

  3. Luke

    I was thinking the exact same thing – “Oh, no. Not another browser to test against!”. But apparently, Google Chrome is based on Webkit, so in theory, what works in Safari should work in Chrome! I guess we’ll have to see…

  4. Claude

    @Luke, you’re right, it’s based on WebKit, like Safari.
    However I doubt they will be based on the exact same version, especially if Google makes contributions to WebKit and anyway the JavaScript engines will not be the same…

  5. D

    Do you really think that Google would go through all the trouble of launching a browser (if it is indeed real) and not include standards support at the very minimum? Also, can you not write sites that support multiple browser? Geeze whats this world coming to….

  6. Claude

    @D, yes I do actually develop sites that support multiple browsers. That’s actually the point.

    To do that I need to test on all those browsers and they all “include standards support at the very minimum”, they just sometime interpret the standard their very own way.
    What do you think will be Google’s interpretation of the standards?

    Also I further need to take support calls from people that are using all those browsers. Meaning different interfaces, different preference settings, different add-ons, different headaches…


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