Save yourself a lot of trouble: backup your smartphone

For a lot of people now, their smartphone has become an important part of their work and life. They use is to take pictures and videos or their family or to keep contact with their clients. And, unfortunately, it’s often the only place where they keep those memories or that critical business information. So when that device dies, is lost or stolen and they don’t have a backup it’s a big deal. It happened to a few of my friends already so I decided to write that post to collect resources about how to backup or synchronise a smartphone.

Syncing an iPhone

Apple provides two ways to backup your phone, depending on wether you have a computer or not you will use one or the other, or both.

Syncing an Android phone

Like Apple, Google provides an online backup service “in the cloud” that is usually activated when you sign up for Google services, but it will only sync some data (like your contacts but not your photos). To backup everything – photos, videos and any other app data – it’s a bit more complicated, and you will need a computer.

Syncing a Windows phone

Like the others, Microsoft offers a cloud based syncing service. Here you can save the data for all your apps.

If you happen to have a good resource about that then feel free to share the link in the comments.

Image Credits: Randen Pederson

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