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Latest news about the WP LinkedIn plugin & extensions

I spent a lot of time last week updating the WP LinkedIn plugin and its extensions (you probably saw several updates going through the WordPress repository) latest versions of the plugins are now: Continue reading

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How to customize the recommendations scroller in WP-LinkedIn

I already wrote an article here about customizing your LinkedIn profile but there is a slight difference if you want to customize the recommendations scroller, so here you go, how to add the recommender’s picture and headline to the scroller. Continue reading

Showing more of your LinkedIn profile with WP-LinkedIn

Since I released the WP-LinkedIn plugin for WordPress I got this same request coming regularly about how to add this or that profile information to the output of the plugin. Here is an example that will show you how to add the headline for the recommender. Continue reading

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The best way to integrate your LinkedIn profile with WordPress

I heard or read someone, recently, saying that LinkedIn was nothing more than a glorified resume. Well, 10 years ago this was certainly true and I was not looking for anything more. I had ditched the Word documents since a long time and was distributing my résumé in PDF format, despite some recruiters stubbornly asking me Word documents. Continue reading

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Do you think too many recommendations can be counter productive?

As far as finding a job/project is concerned do you think that having a lot of recommendations can be considered suspect?

What would be “too many” and can it vary depending on geography/culture?

This is the question I asked on the LinkedIn network and if you feel like sharing your thoughts about this then you can either comment this post or go to LinkedIn.

I am wondering because last Monday I asked the near-to-be-former colleagues I am connected to to endorse me on LinkedIn. And the result is pretty impressive with 17 recommendations so far and certainly more to come.

Only 8 of them are actually visible right now. Not being shown on my profile is not a mark of disregard, I really thank every people that took the time to write something for me, even the smallest blurb!

However, I decided to make a choice and display only recommendations from my managers, my closest co-workers and non-technical people.

I did this because I though I would be suspicious seeing a profile with a lot of recommendations. I might be biased, however. My father being a former cop in the French police I learned to be wary of anything unusual (this can be technically useful but is socially terrible).

Hence the question, any hint welcome :)

2008-04-11 Update: After 14 answers on LinkedIn I decided I will show all the recommendation I received.

Image Credits: Jerry Luk