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Random thoughts

2:30 am and I can’t sleep, my mind don’t stop to jump from though to though like a sparkle.

Thinking about Tibet, my new MacBook, product ideas, my future as a freelancer (with a f or a F?), DITA (not von teese) and my future ex-job.

About Tibet I think I will have to write something but I still need more accurate and unbiased documentation. Actually the topic is pretty hot at Home (my girlfriend Yang being Chinese).

I am thinking about twitter as well, I have been hesitating a long time before subscribing and now I am lurking around, following a few people (mostly Lausanne/Geneva citizens and two or three others like Robert Scoble or Guy Kawasaki) and asking myself “how come some of these people can blog, qwik, seesmic, twitter, attend conferences and whatnot and actually have a real life ?”

I mean, did they followed Tim Ferris advices and got a GetFriday monthly plan? I still miss something that’s for sure…

Anyway, someone posted a link to something I was looking for: xootr, a scooter with brakes (they have a european distributor) now let’s go see if I can order one :)