10 signs that you already spent too much time in Thailand

  1. You call all white people (and only white people) “farangs” 
  2. You complained about British tourists back in the days, then about French and Arab tourists and now you rant about Chinese and Russians
  3. You stock up beers before election and Buddha days and invite your friends for a BBQ
  4. You’re on a retirement visa and complain about people on a student visa
  5. You can spot a LadyBoy with a 99.9% accuracy
  6. You rank girls based on their skin color (the darker, the lower)
  7. You already have your plane ticket to leave Thailand for next Songkran
  8. You go to the Karaoke at least once a month and you know most of the popular Thai songs
  9. On Facebook, you already posted pictures of you with piles of money
  10. You don’t confuse Ubon and Udon anymore

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