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Why you should never explain your jokes

When I was twenty something I always had a joke to crack. I though it was cool to be the funny guy so I always had something funny to say, especially during conversations I was not a part of (kind of a way to join in you see). It took me some time to realize I was obnoxious and that when people did not get my jokes, trying to explain them what just making things worse. Continue reading

From Phuket airport to Patong, Karon, Kata

Going from Phuket airport to the most famous beaches in the island might be a¬†painful experience if you arrive unprepared. The way transportation is dealt with on the island is peculiar at best (not to say a hold-up) and is often discussed¬†in the island’s forums and newspapers. So I decided to put up this little resource to help newcomers avoid the traps and know what to expect after they landed. Continue reading

To Mt Fuji and back

I went to ascent Mt Fuji Monday and Tuesday with a girl named Lae, who I met on CouchSurfing. I had contemplated the idea to go to Mt Fuji before coming here but when I saw Lae’s post on the CS Tokyo forum asking for people to go with her, I though “let’s do this…” and I posted a response the same way I bought my ticket to Japan, knowing it will somehow force me to do it. Continue reading