I am finally ditching Feedburner

I never really had a use for the thing, it’s not working anyway and with the trend of closing Google services it’s not going to be there too long either. So I am reclaiming my feeds.

If you are still using a RSS reader (I know, it’s so 2006) please consider updating the entries feed URL to http://vedovini.net/feed/ or the comments feed URL to http://vedovini.net/comments/feed/.

Also consider subscribing by email using the “SUBSCRIBE TO VEDOVINI.NET VIA EMAIL” widget on the right.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience :)

One thought on “I am finally ditching Feedburner

  1. Stephanie Booth

    I think I migrated my feeds away from feedburner quite some time ago (I think, but given my track-record of flaky-headness these days, maybe I should check). I recently switched from feedburner to MailChimp for subscriptions to my blog via e-mail. I had been relying on feedburner for that because my web server doesn’t send e-mail (migration planned… this summer I guess). Feedburner looks like it’s been in Google Service Purgatory for way too long right now.


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